Al & Charlotte's 2014 Africa Trip

For each of the five sets of photos click on the title of the group.  You can see more photos in the group by clicking on the "<" or ">" at the bottom of the page.  You can see an enlarged version of the photo by clicking on the small image.
  1. Masia Mara -- Our first stop was the Masia Mara, the northern portion of the Serengeti that is in Kenya.
  2. Kenya -- On our way to Tanzania and the Serengeti we made several stops in Kenya.
  3. Serengeti -- the site of the great migration.  Wildlife was abundant here.
  4. The People of Africa -- these are the wonderful people of Africa as well as photos of those we traveled with.
  5. The Netherlands -- on our way home we stopped in the Netherlands to break up our trip.