Daily Schedule -- Discrete Mathematics

Spring 2001

MATH 131, College Algebra, is a prerequisite for Discrete Mathematics.  In order to succeed in Discrete Mathematics it is essential that students understand the concepts of College Algebra.  To help with this the first two weeks of this course will be devoted to a review of College Algebra.  The problems suggested here are from the text "Algebra and Trigonometry, fourth edition" by Larson Hostetler.  If a book is not available to you a copy of the problems may be obtained from your instructor.  The student should include in his/her notebook a large sampling of the problems worked out.  Enough problems should be worked so that the student is assured of being able to do all of the problems.  In most cases, this would be about 30 problems per day, more if necessary.

January 11

January 16 January 18 January 23 For the rest of the course, the students will use the assigned textbook.